Donations 2022

Each year I do the majority of my Charity donations in early December (just after my birthday) spread over a few days (so as not to get my credit card suspended).

I do a blog post about it to hopefully inspire others. See previous years: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

All amounts are in $US unless otherwise stated

General Charities

$750 to Givewell Top Charities fund . This was previously called their “Maximum impact fund”.

Software and Internet Infrastructure Projects

Last year I donated $100 each to SPI and SFC but this year I dropped it to $50 each and did direct donations to Python and Syncthing. I’m not sure which is the best strategy.

Others including content creators

Payments via Patreon

Current as of mid-December 2022

  • $2/month to Daniel King to make Chess videos
  • $1/month to Chris Stuckmann who does movie reviews
  • $2/month to The Prancing Pony Podcast who make a podcasts show about J R R Tolkien
  • $1/month to Joe Snodow who runs funny twitter accounts.
  • $1/month to Zach Weinersmith who creates SMBC Comic and other stuff
  • $1/video to The Nerdwriter who does Youtube videos
  • $1/month to CGP Grey who does Youtube Videos
  • $1/month to City Beautiful who is creating videos about cities and city planning.
  • $1/month to Alt Shift X who creates youtube videos
  • $2/month to Rose Eveleth who creates the Flash Forward podcast.
  • $1/month to RMTransit who does a Youtube channel on Transit.
  • $1/month to Quinn’s Ideas which is a Youtube Channel about Science Fiction (especially Dune)
  • $1/ month to Asianometry who creates youtube videos, mainly on Economics and the semiconductor industry.
  • $1/month to CityNerd who Videos on Cities and Transportation