NetHui 2015 – Thursday Morning

Ministerial address: Hon. Amy Adams, Minister for Communications

  • Mentions she was at community group meeting where people were “shocked” when it was suggested that minutes be sent via email
  • Talk up of the UFB rollout. Various stats about how it is going
  • Also mentioned that Mobile build is part of UFB, better cellular connectivity in rural regions
  • Notes that this will never be 100% complete. The bar keeps moving
  • Very different takeup in different regions. 2% in some 19% in others. Local organisations pushing
  • Good Internet is especially important for remote countries like New Zealand
  • Talk about getting better access in common areas (eg shared driveways) for network builds
  • Notes how Broadcasting and Communications as well as other areas are converging. Previously they were separate silos. Similar for other areas.
  • Harmful Digital Communications Act.
    • Says new framework, adjustment may be needed and bedding down the courts.
    • Says that majority of cases will go to mediation
    • Similar Act in Australia very few things going to courts
    • Gave similar silly literal readings of others acts ( RMA requires a permit to sneeze )
  • 5 “Questions” to minister. 2 on TPP, 1 on Captions, 1 pushing some project and one actual question that she got to answer.
  • Maybe they should look at this idea for the Questions

Keynote: Kathy Brown, ISOC CEO

  • GDP of a National is highly correlated with the growth of the Internet
  • 75% of the benefit of the Internet goes to existing businesses
  • ISOC Global Internet Report 2015
  • Huge growth in Mobile Internet
  • “94% of the global population is covered by mobile networks. Mobile broadband covers 48% of global population”
  • Huge gap between developed and developing counties
  • Report is Online and “Interactional”
  • Challenges
    • Openness of the Internet means information is out there, exposed and gettable by the wrong people sometimes
    • Generational divide in attitude to privacy
  • Privacy is a matter of personal choice. The tools should be available should you wish to use them

Govt 2.0: Digital by default

  • Rachel Prosser and David Farrar facilitating.
  • Room full
  • Result 10 programme background
  • NZ Government Web toolkit
  • 50,000 registered with NZ Realme site
  • Shared rules between local governments, problems with same rules everywhere. Some limitations,. Perhaps at least similar technical standards
  • People don’t care about governments structure, they just want a service, don’t care how depts are arranged.