NetHui 2015 – InTac afternoon

Building an access network for demand and scale – new challengesKurt Rogers, Chorus

  • Over 1 million broadband connections on access network
  • 70-80% of BB connections
  • Average connection sped now near 20Mb/s due to VDSL and Fibre
  • Busiest 15 minute period (around 9pm Thursday) of week averaging 0.5Mb/s per user ( up from 100kb/s just 3 years ago )
  • Jump in mid-2013 when Netflix and Lightbox launched
  • Average bandwidth per user growing 50%/year. Grown that much in 1st half of 2015
  • Quite a few people still on ADSL1 modems when ADSL2 would work
  • Same a lot of people can get VDSL that don’t realize
  • Lots of people on 30Meg fibre plan at the start, now most going for 100Mb/s
  • Rural broadband (RBI)
    • 85k lines upgraded to FTTN
    • Average speed jumped 5.6Mb/s to 15Mb/s after a single rural cabinet upgraded cause everybody could now use ADSL2 and faster uplink. One fibre guy got 48Mb/s on VDSL, other 37Mb/s
    • More speed out there than some people realize
  • VDSL bandplan moving from 997 to 998. Trail average speed increases were from 32 to 46Mb/s for downstream. Minimal change on upstream speed.
  • Capacity
    • Aggregation link bandwidth. Alert threshold at 70%, Max threshold at 90%
  • Technology down the road to speed up aggregation links with Next Generation PON technology

The new smart ISPColin Brown, GM of Networks at Spark

  • Working on caching infrastructure, bigger and closer to their edge
  • Big traffic growth this year
  • Big growth in mobile traffic especially upload
  • 60% of phones in stores are 4G capable
  • Providers investing a lot of money , profits lower. Less like banks, more like airlines
  • Technology refresh every 5 years rather than every 10