NetHui 2015 – Thursday Afternoon

Domains: growth, change, transition

  • Transition of .nz to second level domains
  • Some stuff re moving root zone control away from the US
  • Problem with non-ascii domains (IDNs). They work okay, but not 3rd party apps or apps in Organisations. Eg can’t register on Facebook or other websites.
  • 60% of Government Depts don’t accept IDNs as email addresses, lots of other orgs
  • 1/3 of all new .nz domains created at second level
  • Around 95k or 600k .nz domains now at second level (about 2/3s of these from rights are 3LD holder)
  • Some people when you give them your change it into
  • 1st principles of .nz whois public policy.
  • People are in danger if they address is published
  • But what the ability to contact the real owner of a domain
  • 4 people in room with signed domains
  • 300 signed .nz domains. 150 with DS record
  • Around 3 people in room with new TLDs. See for current stats

Internet of Things

  • Where does the data from your house appliances go?
  • Forwarded to other companies
  • Issues need to be understandable by ordinary citizens especially terms and conditions
  • Choose the data that you choose to share with the company rather than company choosing what it shares with you (and others)
  • In health care area people worried about sharing data if it will affect their insurance premiums or coverage
  • Many people don’t understand what their data is, they don’t understand that if every time they do something (on a device) it is stored and can be used later. How to educate people without sounding paranoid?
  • “IoT is connecting things whose primary purpose is not connecting to the Internet”
  • “The cost of sharing is bearable, because the sharing is valuable.”
  • More granularities of trust. No current standards or experience or feeling for this since such a new area and rapidly evolving
  • NZ law should override overly aggressive agreements (by overseas companies)
  • Some discussion about standards, lots of them, full stack, piecemeal, rapidly changing
  • Will the IoT make everything useless after the zombie apocalypse?
  • “Denial of Service attack on your IoT pill bottle would be bad!”
  • Concern that something like a pill bottle failing can put life in danger. Very high level of reliability needed which is rare and hard in software

Panel: Parliamentary Internet Forum

  •  With Gareth Hughes (Green Party), Clare Curran (Labour Party), Brett Hudson (National Party), Ria Bond (NZ First), Karen Melhuish Spencer (Core Education), Nigel Robertson (University of Waikato)
  • What roles does the Education system play in the Internet
    • National guy mostly talked about UFB and RBI programmes, computers in homes
    • Gareth Hughes adopts the “I went out to XYZ School” story. Pushes Teachers not trained and 1 in 4 homes don’t have Internet access.
    • Claire – Got distracted about discussion re her pants. But she said 40% of jobs at risk over next 10-15 years due to impact of technology
    • Karen – I got distracted about another clothing related discussion on twitter
    • Nigel – 1. Use the Internet to do what we already do better. Help people to use the Internet better (digital literacy)
  • Lots of discussion about retraining older people to handle jobs in the future as their present jobs go away
  • How much should government be leading vs getting out of the way and just funding it?
    • Nigel – Government should provide direction. Different in tertiary and other sectors
    • Karen – Collaborative and connected but not mandating
  • “We need to prepare people not just for the jobs of the future, but also to create the companies of the future” – Martin Danner
  • Lots of other stuff but I got distracted.