2019 – Wednesday – Keynote

#WeAreNotWaiting: how open source is changing healthcare
– Dana Lewis

Dana Lewis
  • Getting diagnosed with a chronic disease is like being struck by lighting.
  • Insulin takes a while to kick in
  • Manual diabetes
    • Have to check level over and over again
    • Have to judge trend and decide more insulin, food, exercise, etc
    • Constantly
  • Device
    • Windows-only interface software to access
    • Alarm not great, various other limitations
  • Idea
    • Pull data off the device, create smarter app
    • Hard to do
  • First version
    • Device -> WinPC -> dropbox -> app -> pushover -> phone
  • 2nd Version
    • Press button to indicate what she is doing (eating, sleeping) when get alert
  • 3rd version
    • Hook into Insulin pump to do it automatically
    • Replace the human do they same thing over-and-over again in the loop.
    • all portable
    • Person doesn’t have to wake up to adjust, petter sleep
  • OpenAPS
    • Open Source
    • Created a list of ways it could fail (battery fails, wires come out)
    • Focusing on safety
    • Limiting dosing ability in hardware and software
    • Failing back safely to standard device operation
  • Approx 1000 users
    • 9 million+ hours of DIY closed loop experience
    • Anonymized dataset available
  • Sample child user
    • Before: 4.5 manual interventions per day by parents
    • After: 0.7 per day
  • School Child ( 5 vs 6th Grade )
    • 420 visits to school nurse ( 2.3 /day ) – 66 visits for events
    • 5 visits with OpenAPS – 3 visits (Gym related)
  • Intel Edison Platform
    • Smaller than Raspberry Pi
    • But discontinued (looking for old ones to replace)
  • Going back to Pi, now smaller
    • Has built in display with “Explorer Hat”
  • Outsiders are building stuff because they can and the traditional companies are not meeting the need. Innovate with small solution and build it up
  • Ask what little things you can do for people with similar problems. This started with just “Make a louder alarm”.