2018 – Day 3 – Keynote – Karen Sandler

Executive director of Software Freedom Conservancy

Previously spoke that LCA 2012 about closed-source software on her heart implant. Since then has pivoted career to more open-source advocacy in career.

  • DMCA exemption for medical device research
  • When you ask your doctor about safety of devices you sound like a conspiracy theorist
  • Various problems have been highlighted, some progress
  • Some companies addressing them

Initially published paper highlighting problem without saying she had the device

  • Got pushback from groups who thought she was scaremongering
  • Companies thinking about liability issues
  • After told story in 2012 things improved

Had to get new device recently.

  • Needed this disabled since her jobs pisses off hackers sometimes
  • All manufacturers said they could not disable wireless access
  • Finally found a single model that could be disabled made by a European manufacturer


Note: This is a quick summary, Lots more covered but hard to cover. Video should be good. Her slides were broken though much of the talk be she still delivered great talk.