2017 SysAdmin Miniconf – Session 3

Turtles all the way down – Thin LVM + KVM tips and Tricks – Steven Ellis

  • ssd -> partition -> encryption -> LVM -> [..] -> filesystem
  • Lots of examples see the online Slides
  • https://github.com/steven-ellis/ansible-playpen

Samba and the road to 100,000 user – Andrew Bartlett

  • Release cycle is every 6 months
  • Samba 4.0 is 4 years p;d
  • 4.2 and older are out of security support by Samba team (support by distros sometimes)
  • Much faster adding users to AD DC. 55k users added in 50 minutes
  • Performance issues, not bugs, are now the biggest area of work
    • Customer deploying SAMBA at scale
  • Looking for Volunteers running AD will to run a tshark script
    • What does your busy hour look like?
    • What is the pattern of requests?

The School for Sysadmins Who Can’t Timesync Good and Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too – Paul Gear

  • Aim is 1-10ms accuracy
  • Using Standard Linux reference distribution etc
  • Why care
    • Same apps need time sync
    • Log matching
  • Network Time Foundation needs support
  • NTP
    • Not widely understood
    • Unglamorous
    • Daunting documentation
    • old protocol, chequered secrity history
    • The first Google result may not be accurate
  • Set clock
    • step – jump clock to new time
    • slew – gradually adjust the time
  • NTP Assumption
    • The is one true time – UTC
    • Nobody really has it
    • bad time servers may be present
    • networks change

I ran out of power on my laptop at this point so not many more notes. Paul gave a very good set of recommendations and myth-busting for those running NTP though. His notes will be online on the Sysadmin Miniconf site and he has also posted more detail online.