2017 Sysadmin Miniconf – Session 2

Running production workloads in a programmable infrastructure – Alejandro Tesch

Managing performance parameters through systemd – Sander van Vugt

  • Mostly Demos in this talk too.
  • Using CPUShare parameter as an example
  • systemd-cgtop and systemd-cgls
  • “systemctl show stress1.service” will show available parameters
  • “man 5 systemd.resource-control” gives a lot more details.

Go for DevOps – Caskey L. Dickson

  • SideBar: The Platform Wars are over
    • Hint: We all won
    • As long as have an API we are all cool
  • Always builds staticly linked binaries, should work on just about any Linux system. Just one file.
  • Built in cross compiler (eg for Windows, Mac) via just enviroment variable “GOOS=darwin” and 32bit “GOARCH=32”
  • Bash is great, Python is great, Go is better
  • Microservices are Services
  • No Small Systems
    • Our Scripts are no longer dozens of lines long, they are thousands of lines long
    • Need full software engineering
  • Sysops pushing buttons and running scripts are dying
  • Platform Specific Code
    • main_linux.go main_windows.go and compiler find.
    • // +build linux darwin     <– At the top of the file
  • “Once I got my head around channels Go really opened up for me”