2016 – Monday – Session 1

Open Cloud Miniconf – Continuous Delivery using blue-green deployments and immutable infrastructure by Ruben Rubio Rey

  • Lots of things can go wrong in a deployment
  • Often hard to do rollbacks once upgrade happens
  • Blue-Green deployment is running several envs at the same time, each potentially with different versions
  • Immutable infrastructure , split between data (which changes) and everything else only gets replaced fully by deployments, not changed
  • When you use docker don’t store data in the container, makes it immutable. But containers are not required to do this.
  • Rule 1 – Never modify the infrastructure
  • Rule 2 – Instead of modifying – always create from ground up everything that is not data.
  • Advantages
    • Rollbacks easy
    • Avoid Configuration drift
    • Updated and accurate infrastructure documentation
  • Split things up
    • No State – LBs, Web servers, App Servers
    • Temp data , Volatile State – message queues, email servers
    • Persistent data – Databases, Filesystems, slow warming cache
  • In case of temp data you have to be able to drain
  • USe LBs and multiple servers to split up infrastructure, more bit give more room to split up the upgrades.
  • If pending jobs require old/new version of app then route to servers that have/not been upgraded yet.
  • Put toy rocket launcher in devs office, shoots person who broke the build.
  • Need to “use activity script” to bleed traffic off section of the “temp data” layer of infrastructure, determine when it is empty and then re-create.