Priorities for 2016

This is a almost New Years resolutions page but not quite. It is a list of the stuff that will take priority over other things in 2016

  • Chess – Aim to play regularly in tournaments, do weekly coaching and study at least 7 hours per week on tactics, endgames and openings.
  • Programming – Continue improving my programming skills, finish the book I am on, do a few exercises and create a few things
  • Blogging – At least 1 post each month to both my personal blog and the Auckland Chess Centre website
  • Driving – Get my Restricted Driver License
  • Reading – Read books (not online) at least half an hour per day
  • Health – 7500 steps every weekday plus get to goal weight
  • Conference – Run successful Sysadmin Miniconf at 2016

Stretch Goals – If I am keeping up with the above

  • Start working my way through Shakespeare’s plays
  • Do a couple of new website projects I’ve been putting off
  • Watch a 2-3 of hours of TV each week.