– Day 2 – Keynote by Eben Moglen

Last spoke 10 years ago in Canberra

Things have improved in the last ten years

  • $10s of billions of value have been lost in software patent war
  • But things have been so bad that some help was acquired, so worst laws have been pushed back  a little
  • “Fear of God” in industry was enough to push open Patent pools
  • Judges determined that Patent law was getting pathological, 3 wins in Supreme court
  • Likelihood worst patent laws will be applied against free software devs has decreased
  • “The Nature of the problem has altered because the world has altered”

The Next 10 years

  • Most important Patent system will be China’s
  • Lack of rule of law in China will cause problems in environment of patents
  • Too risky for somebody too try and stop a free software project. We have “our own baseball bat” to spring back at them

The last 10 years

  • Changes in Society more important changes in software
  • 21st century vs 20th century social organisations
    • Less need for hierarchy and secrecy
    • Transparency, Participation, non-hierarchical interaction
  • OS invented that organisation structure
  • Technology we made has taken over the creation of software
  • “Where is BitKeeper now?” – Eben Moglen
  • Even Microsoft reorganises that our way of software making won
  • Long term the organisation structure change everywhere will be more important than just it’s application in Software
  • If there has been good news about politics = “we did it”, bad news = “we tried”

Our common Values

  • “Bridge entire environment between vi and emacs”


  • Without PGP and free software then things could have been worse
  • The world would be a far more despotic place if PGP was driven underground back in 1993. Imagine today’s Net without HTTPS or SSH!
  • “We now live in the world we are afraid of”
  • “What stands between them and us is our inventions”
  • “Freedom itself depends on how we make use of the technologies we are creating.” – Eben Moglen
  • “You can’t trust what you can’t read”
  • Big power in the wrong is committed against the first law of robotics, they what technology to work for it.
  • From guy in twitter – “You can’t trust what you can’t read.” True, but if OpenSSL teaches us anything you can’t necessarily trust what you can
  • Attitudes in under-18s are a lot more positive towards him than those who are older (not just cause he looks like Harry Potter)
  • GNU Project is 30 years old, almost same age is Snowden


  • We can’t control the net but opportunity to prevent others from controlling it
  • Opportunity to prevent failure of freedom
  • Society is changing, demographics under control
  • But 1.6 billion people live in China, America is committed to spying, consumer companies are committed to collecting consumer information
  • Collecting everything is not the way we want the net to work
  • We are playing for keeps now.