– Day 1 – Session 3 – Containers

Building a PaaS with Docker, Kubernetes, and Hard Work – Steven Pousty

  • Slides –
  • All about Openshift
  • So why a new Paas?
  • Project Atomic – stripped down RHEL install, everything else as a container. ostree file system, same kernel as RHEL
  • Kubernetes intro
    • Kubernetes Daemon – Routing for services
    • Sceduler etc
  • Openshift
    • Built-in software defined networking – OpenVSwith , HAPRoxy load balancing etc
  • Takeaway
    • PAAS seems to be cool again


Galera with Docker: How Synchronous Replication and Linux Containers Mesh Together – Raghavendra Prabhu

  • I got lost in the talk


Cloud, Containers, and Orchestration Panel –  Katie Miller

  • Steven Pousty , Bran Philips ,
    Tycho Andersen
    Tycho Andersen
    Tycho Andersen
    Tycho Andersen

    Tycho Andersen

  • Standard is Dockers to lose and they might manage it
  • 3-4 years before we should standardise them. Need to experiment first.
  • The kernel API imposes some limits on diversity
  • Lots of other stuff