Links: CS, Criaglist Spam, Bread-and-Marge, housing

  1. Let’s Not Call It “Computer Science” If We Really Mean “Computer Programming” – Is Computer Science teaching the wrong thing instead of the stuff that people will actually need.
  2. Popular Craigslist Spam Tactics for Profit (and for Evil) – Examples of scams common on Craigslist (and sometimes elsewhere) with who is behind them
  3. Not by Bread-and-Marg Alone – How the food of the poor has evolved or devolved over the last 150 years.
  4. Finding Space (video) – An episode from the Canadian show “The National” on the evolution of housing. Focus on tiny apartments and laneway houses on existing properties. The main guy (starting 1 minute in)  in the 1st story has such a cute accent.