lca2011 – Haecksen Miniconf – session 3

Finding you feet without losing your head – Alison Young

  • Tech writer at redhat
  • starting a new job
  • make sure people know your name, spelling and what you prefer to be called
  • drop nickname you don’t like when switch jobs
  • find out dress policy
  • hopefully have a buddy to get you going
  • preferred communication ways at company ( talk vs email vs IRC vs skype ), need to allign with this
  • management style. hands off vs micromanagement
  • work from home. at Redhat be qualified
  • transitions at workplace (dinners, cake days)
  • breaks, present-ism, how intently are you expected to work.

We are here, have always been here – Donna Benjamin

  • 5 minute history of feminism
  • $7000 to digitise “The Dawn” , fund-raising effort
  • In past women more common in computing, cheaper to hire skilled workers
  • Less common today since women get less computers when young
  • examples of Women in Australian computing she uncovered
  • “we are not fucking unicorns”
  • Challenge to find women for Ada Lovelace day

Roleplaying Session – Val Aurora

  • Roleplaying sessions of people doing sexist activity and options for replying