lca2011 – Day 2 – Keynote

Re-imagining the Internet – Vint Cerf

  • 768 million machines and 1966 million users in mid-2010
  • Already more chinese on the Internet than americans
  • No particular applications in Internet design
  • non-national IP address structure
  • Open standards, No IP attached to TCP/IP
  • Anybody can build a piece of the Internet and connect to it
  • Recent developments: ipv6, int domains names, dnssec, rpki, sensor nets, smart grid, mobile devices
  • Two factor authentication really needed by everybody
  • Security problems on OS, Browser, Interpreter boundaries
  • We privacy laws, lax user behavior
  • Invasive devices
  • Cloud to cloud missing, data between them has to go via user
  • List of unsolved, research problems
  • Buffer bloat problem might have to mean reduction in buffers