lca2011 – Friday Session 2 – & habits of PMs

The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Project Managers – Carol Smith

  • Works in summer of code office, previous network operations, enterprise software
  • 11 interviews at google to get her position
  • Habit 1 – spend more than 2 weeks in meetings with engineers, “makers schedule vs managers schedule” by Paul Graham
  • Habit 2 – Assuming all the engineers you work with are purposefully tryin g to do a bad job and sabotage the project
  • Assume competence – People want to take pride in their work and do a good job
  • Habit 3 – Keep a checklist – creates a big gant chart, bugs engineers constantly about status
  • Needs to be familiar with technology and project to understand what engineering is talking about when there are problems
  • Habit 4 – Let middle and senior level managers meddle with timeline
  • maintain credibility and managers will feel less inclined to meddle
  • Habit 5- make everything an emergency
  • Don’t cry wolf – get people to understand if you do say something has to be done today it really does
  • Habit 6 – Break down rapport with engineers whenever possible
  • cookies
  • don’t use small cookies to reward directly, use to build rapport not reward directly
  • Habit 7 – Assume that the dates engineers give you are spot on
  • engineers will try and tell you something will please you, under promise and overdeliver, take past estimates from that person into account