lca2011 – Fri Session 3 – Lightweight messaging

Lightweight messaging for a connected planet – Andy Piper

  • The internet of things, smart devices in our hands
  • Instrumented, interconnect, intelligent
  • MQTT = MQ telemetry transport
  • publish/subscribe paradigm.
  • Optimized for Low bandwidth, high latency, unreliable, high cost networks
  • Expect client apps to have limited processing resources
  • provide QOS where possible
  • simple semantics, minimized format ( 2 bytes minimum packet )
  • “last will and testament” to publish if client goes offline
  • what about HTTP – MQTT much simplier, message not document centric, less verbose, lightweight
  • variable QOS
  • Free Client API / libraries for most languages, various propriety products as well
  • various examples
  • IBM rsmp official client – free for personal use, various binaries for many platforms
  • – packages for various dists, windows, Mac. Open source , python and C++ examples
  • Random stuff – file syncs, desktop notifications, digital to analogue readouts, LEGO microscope control
  • Smart meters, heathcare patient monitoring