Bcak4 – saas & apis for workflow

Second session at barcamp Auckland. Trying to do less and automate stuff . Avoid cut and paste


  • Xero has bank rules which automate creation of invoices
  • mail chimp easy mailing lists, free for small groups, pay pretty good too
  • CapsuleCRM – list of tasks for customers
  • use the capsule API he adds new customers when signed to their own system
  • capistrano for automated deploy
  • textmate bundles
  • gmail labs pre-canned resposes
  • hoptoad – monitors logs
  • xero – re-occuring in voices
  • accounting system checks prod system and looks for unbilled accounts or locks people who don’t pay
  • single password systems
  • firefox sync, dropbox
  • greasemonkey
  • insta-paper
  • google calendar, trippit
  • quicklaunches
  • lighthouse, activecolab, atlaysan
  • run lint or jslint at commit time