NZNOG2010 – Day 1 – Session 1

I attended the NZNOF 2010 conference in Hamilton. Notes as below.


  • Overview by Dean and Jonny on developments, especially about the trust

National Library Webharvest

  • 2nd Harvest planned in 2010
  • Harvest planned for April
  • Material from 1st harvest not yet online
  • Feedback requested on “Notification” , “robots Policy” , “Location of Harvester”
  • Would like feedback on the options paper

WAND Group

  • PMTUD (Path MTU discovery) in ipv6
  • Tested how well this is working
  • Sent ICMPv6 PTB message to hosts and see if remote host changes behavour in response to it (drop from >1280 to 1280 byte packets)
  • Tested 1647 websites (working ones from Alexa top 1 Million sites)
  • Used scamper to test
  • 58% PMTU worked, 34% packets too small ( might be working already, unsure)
  • 5% PMTU failed or no response
  • Working on protocols other than port80
  • Multiple vantage points, Other sources of addresses, web interface to toll
  • Conclusion – PMTUD mostly works – read RFC 4890

Anomaly detection in Networks – Andreas Loft

  • Doing this automaticly is good
  • Several existing tools
  • Nothing very concrete

WAND AMP Project

  • Boxes hosted by ISPs and PCs and sit around pinging each other
  • Good coverage of TelstraClear since ISPs use them as upsteeam, less so for Telecom
  • 1 ping / minute , 10 minute average posted
  • Cute interface to graphs
  • -> click on “NZ AMP”
  • Still under development

Shane Hobson – Velocity – Fibre to the home/premises

  • “How to build a Fibre network with a sack full of Government cash”
  • Broadband Challenge Fund $25M
  • Hamilton had 5 companies with some Fibre – Formed Hamilton Fibre Networks Ltd
  • HFN got $3m grant from fund
  • HFN partnered with Velocity Networks
  • 50-60km of Cable around Hamilton
  • Sell layer-2 ethernet services (similar to citylink)
  • Govt Ultra fast Broadband fund of $1500
  • Aim Ultra Fats BB to 75% of NZers
  • 100% of NZers in 25 (or 33) largest towns and cities
  • BB today is 25Mbit on ADSL2 contended to perhaps 250kb/s
  • UltraFats is 100Mb/s+ (50Mb/s upstream) with zero contention on access network
  • Huge amounts of bandwidth potentially ( hundreds of GB/s just for each say Hamilton )
  • ISPs need to decide: Buy Layer 2 or buy dark fibre?
  • ISPs: Different standards/services in different regions
  • ISPs: What content / services ?
  • ISPs: Peer at regional exchanges to reduce haul on Nat links?
  • ISPs: ISPANZ role?
  • ISPs: Caching, CDNs
  • ISPs: Zero rated “on net” traffic , Multicast IPTV, software updates
  • right now Hamilton provider doing:1/3 Dark Fibre, 1/3 L2 within companies , 1/3 to Internet
  • Frustrating to watch City Council digging up ground and not putting down ducts or letting other people do it.
  • Some councils are better