LCA09 Day -2 – Saturday

After leaving my packing etc to the last minute I caught the plane over to Sydney and then to Hobart  during the day on Saturday. Fairly eventful (although I think people were paying a bit more attention to the safety demonstration after the crash in New York last week) except for the quick glimpse of A380 in Sydney and Qantas losing my bag  (which had me worried for the rest of the day since I just had the clothes I was in, my wallet, passport and laptop. )

Fortunately Qantas rang me on Saturday evening to say they found the bag so I won’t have to spend all day Sunday buying clothes and other random stuff in Hobart.

Landing in Hobart the airport is pretty small (no air-bridge) and a bit of a trip out of town ( $15
hotel bus ). I thought the landscape looked a slightly greener shade than other parts of Australia and the houses a bit older than average.

The Hotel I’m in for tonight is just past the casino and only 10 minutes walk from the University so not situated too badly. I went for a walk to dinner and got into the main Sandy Bay shops after around 20 minutes ( The Casino restaurants looked overpriced and not that great ).

Wandering around I ended up trying a fish-and-chip place since I hadn’t had that for a while. It was okay but at best a 6/10 . Unfortunately the nearby German bakery is closed tomorrow so I’ll have to wait till Monday to try it. The pizza place looked nice (in a cheap pizza sort of way).