LCA09: Day -1 : Sunday

Today was my first full day in Hobart. After a good night’s sleep I went into town with a couple of
people to get some breakfast. Had a nice eggs benedict at a pub/cafe down by the waterfront in the  middle of town and then a couple of us walked back to the motel and caught a taxi up to venue.

The university accommodation is right at the top of the hill so but the rooms that about 2/3s of the people are in are pretty nice. They are 6 bedrooms with 2 toilets and a large common are ( kitchen, stoves, fridge, freezer, lounge and TV). It all feels only a few years only ( lots of pwer points for example).

After getting some problems sorted out with room access and finally geting my missing bag from Qantas ( and have a change and a shave) around 10 of us wandered over to the Sandy bay shops for dinner. We split up and 5 of us had some Indian curry (okay but a little expensive) and then headed back via the supermarket.

Looking at tomorrow I’ll be at the Sysadmin Miniconf pretty much all day. I have a lightning talk to deliver (some more practice tonight) there and the programme to organise. I’ll have a quick look at the other miniconfs and see if there is one I’m really keen on I can sneak away but probably not many.

Dinner will be the Sysadmin dinner which will be at a little place we’ll book tomorrow. Over things are looking pretty promising for LCA and organisation seems to be reasonable.