I like WordPress

I spent a couple of ours doing a mock up of a possible new website ( sorry not online) for the
[Auckland Chess Centre](http://www.aucklandchesscentre.co.nz/webcontent/default.aspx) (link is to the old site) using [wordpress](http://wordpress.org/).

I must say I was fairly impressed the [5 minute install](http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress) really does
only take about 5 minutes and everything else is pretty easy. The only hard
bit was finding a good theme since most of those out there are blog based rather than
designed for fixed websites but I ended up picking the [deLight](http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/delight) theme which [looks okay](http://webdemar.com/demo/?wptheme=deLight).

Overall I’m pretty impressed with WordPress and it took just a couple of hours of playing around
to get the site to 95% of what I want. Depending on the feedback I might be able to go
live in a few days.

Throughly recommended for small sites.