Miniconf at LCA 2009

We got word a couple of days ago that the [Sysadmin Miniconf]( had been accepted
for [ 2009]( and [the media have been informed](
so I can can say so publicly.

It looks like the following Miniconfs have been accepted:

* Open Source databases
* Kernel
* Sysadmin
* Virtualisation
* Linuxchix
* Myth TV
* Gaming
* Mobile
* Multimedia
* Free As In Freedom
* The business of open source software

I guess the main differences from previous years are the MySQL and PostgreSQL
miniconfs have been merged. There is no Debian, Education or Gnome miniconfs
and I guess Mobile has replaced Embedded. It’s interesting to see the loss of the regulars, I guess
in some cases it is because they have their own regular conferences.

The last two miniconfs ( “Free As In Freedom” and “The business of open source software” )
are also new, I guess they will be fleshed out.

We’ll be updated the Sysadmin Miniconf [website]( over the next few days
and the call for papers should be out next week sometime.

I also posted an [email to the NZNOG list](
asking about interest in a Sysadmin thing at NZNOG 09 ( in Auckland the week after LCA 09 ).
have a quick look and pop me an email if you are interested.