“Linux.conf.au: First timers Guide” updated

I’ve just updated [the guide](http://www.darkmere.gen.nz/2007/0129.html) a
little as [linux.conf.au 2009](http://linux.conf.au/) gets closer. The
main changes are:

* Updated to point to Hobart
* Mention “Open Day”
* Added photos of Menu and Badge

If you have suggestions for further fixes please contact me.

I’ve also added a few ( unsorted ) photos from [Linux.conf.au 2008](http://www.darkmere.gen.nz/photos/lca2008/index.html)
and the [Linux.conf.au 2008 – Sysadmin Miniconf](http://www.darkmere.gen.nz/photos/sysadmin2008/index.html).