Donations 2015

Up until a couple of years ago my main charity was a regular payment to Oxfam. However I cancel this after I decided I disliked their fund-raising methods and otherwise read they were probably not in the top few percent of charities. Since then I’ve been tending to do things all in one go.

I just finished doing this year’s so I thought I’d document it here. It does feel a little weird to post about it but I’ve seen others do it. The theory I guess is that you the reader might be convinced that giving to charity is a good thing and do likewise.

My main donation was to the the top four charities rated by GiveWell:

  • Against Malaria Foundation                   $US 150
  • Schistosomiasis Control Initiative         $US 150
  • Deworm the World Initiative                  $US 150
  • GiveDirectly                                                 $US 150

Next were a series of Open Source projects

  • Debian                                                              $US 50
  •                                              $US 30
  • LibreOffice                                                       $US 30
  • OpenBSD                                                          $US 30
  • Python                                                              $US 30
  • Gnome                                                              $US 30

Interestingly enough I hadn’t originally intended to donate to LibreOffice and but Debian handles donations via Software in the Public Interest and those two showed up on the same donation page.

and some others

I thought about a few others including The Internet Archive, Anki and Mozilla. Perhaps next year