2014 – Day 5 – Session 2

Provisioning Bare Metal with OpenStack by Devananda van der Veen

  • Tried to use the existing NOVA tool (which was used for VM provisioning) but all sorts of limitations
    • Hacked it a lot and then gave up
  • Created a new project “Ironic” for bare-metal provisioning in May 2013
  • Status
    • Being working on but lots of devs
    • Not in main release yet
    • Some push to simplify openstack installation – Triple-O (Openstack on Openstack)
    • “Openstack is not a virtualisation layer”
  • Security not there yet
  • Driver Interface
    • 3 classes of interfaces: core, common, vendor
    • core: power management, deploy,
    • common: console, rescue
    • vendor: fireware? boot-from-volume? something-else?
  • Architecture
    • REST API
    • DB
    • conductor services
    • RPC
    • ( the slide makes more sense )
  • Many conductors, Many drivers
  • If the cluster changes
    • take-over hooks
    • consistent has updates
    • node(s) re-mapped to conductors
  • Feature equiv to bare-metal in a few months
  • Usable by that point, eventually to replace bare-metal, may require re-deployment

Talk only took 20 minutes. That was quick