2013 – Day 0 Sunday

So I am off to my 10th ( every year from 2004 ) in Canberra Australia.

To get there I flew over to Sydney ( leave 7am Sunday, arrive 8am ) and then took the bus down to Canberra (leave 10:15 , arrive 13:30 ) and then the LCA people organised a bus for us from the bus station to the halls.

I’m staying at John XXIII Hall on campus. As you may guess from the name it is a Catholic College which means there are photos of the Pope on the condom machines in the toilets. No aircon in the rooms but that is pretty common, wired Internet was working though.

Signup was pretty effecient this time around (apart from a big queue at start ), we just gave over a piece of paper with our name on it, they typed our name in the the software and printed out our badge.

This year the bags were pre-placed in our room with our stuff in it, which is a good idea since it speeds up registration. Stuff in my bag was a t-shirt and a hygiene pack ( with shampoo, conditioner, soap and sunblock ).

I went for a walk with Devdas Bhaget to look for some lunch, it was pretty hot so hard going. We got a little lost too and were unable to find the pub so just ended up getting some snacks for lunch and heading back. Later I went with a group of people out to the Pub for dinner