Interesting links for May 5th 2012

  1. A Relevant Tale: How Google Killed Inktomi – Overview on how early search engine Inktomi was knocked out by Google. The Hacker News discussion is quite good and includes a link to a video talk by Inktomi’s co-founder.
  2. Reddit interview  – IAmA Part Time Hooker in New ZealandRaw Interview or Summary of Q/A . Prostitution is legal in New Zealand so some people in other countries find it interesting how it works. NSFW obviously.
  3. Are Shakespeare’s Plays Encoded within Pi? – YouTube . The full text is in the text section of the page.
  4. Gather – Auckland BarCamp has decided to rebrand itself as “Gather”. Not sure of the point especially since they don’t even own (or or something). Anyway it’s a pretty good unconference that happens each year. This year it is one June 30th