lca2011 – Wed session 5 – HTML video

The latest and coolest with HTML5 video – Silvia Pfeiffer

  • htttp://
  • Video Manipulation
  • Not just a 2 new tags, combining technologies
  • – updates from Silvia’s book
  • new websites should probably user mp4 and webm
  • CSS3 transitions
  • Javascript API and Media
  • SVG – not uniform implementation across the browsers
  • SVG filters for video only in FF4 for now
  • Canvas better implemented across browsers
  • Very interesting demos
  • face detection in 5 lines of a web worker
  • shared video and audio playing
  • Demo of implementing audio visualisation of audio samples in realtime directly in htnl
  • Generate music directly ( or via samples) . Part of proposed audio API
  • Media accessibility – captions, subtitles, audio descriptions, external text file or in-band
  • WebVTT, <track> element , TextTrack API