lca2011 – Wed Session 3 – Rolling your own cloud

Florian Haas & Tim Serong

  • Not using slides, instead 1 talking and other drawing cartoons in real time
  • Centralized backups and storage – snapshots
  • over provision of resources, better utilisation
  • pre-packages virtual images
  • building blocks of a system:
  • virtualisation
  • central storage
  • storage replication, increase reliability
  • “If you live in Queensland you’ll agree not everything that comes out a cloud is necessary good”
  • high availability
  • Existing commercial solutions, vendor lock-in
  • SAN stack: commodity boxes for storage -> drbd -> iscsi target -> pacemaker cluster
  • Virt Stack: Commodity Box -> Open Iscsi -> KVM
  • pacemake looks very nice interface for clustering, Will have to look at it.