lca2011 – Thur session 3 – Open dev at apache

Noirin Shirley – Baby steps in Open source development at apache

  • 90 projects, starting with every letter but “y”
  • various types of projects
  • No corp members or contributers
  • Decisions only on mailing list
  • From inside – national building
  • Not insistent on using specific technology
  • How to do open source the apache way
  • need to cooperate, follow directions, communicate,
  • reading docs, look at existing coding style, read list for a while
  • Mind you manners, careful of mis-understandings
  • communicate clearly – email guidelines
  • apache incubator – projects first entry, existing codebase, time to get up and running, legal and other
  • formal procedures
  • play well with others, consensus on change to code etc, can’t veto a release (just 3 members needed)
  • Google summer of code.
  • Apache mentoring program
  • Accepts none pure “code” projects like documentation, testing
  • Working with formal education, two classes of students being mentored
  • Meetups encouraged, works well if you meet people in person