lca2011 – Cloud Miniconf – Session 1

Lindsay Holmwood – Devops


  • config managemnt – puppet
  • puppet workflow – write->apply->debug
  • testing via snapshots, apply,test, keep/revert
  • puppet roles


  • capistrano – cap-sub for config management
  • railess-deploy (capistrano, externsion)


  • Collectd
  • git hub newsfeed
  • mk-query-digest (slow sql queries)

Lots of ideas in his talk, far to quickly said for me to type them in a all in.

Deltaclound – David Jorm & Stephen Gordon

  • Redhat project
  • deploy workloads to multiple clouds (some, internal, some external, multiple vendors )
  • free and open standards
  • REST API that abstracts other cloud APIs. Drivers for different clouds.
  • Support EC2 and Cloundfiles, others being worked on
  • Build images, store, push to cloud provider and then deploy instances

Cloud Computing in Govt – Pia Waugh

  • Cloud vendors vs govt people – Vendor gtee’d no personal data in their cloud
  • SOA buzzwords drop straight in Cloud Buzzwords
  • Govt + cloud = $$$$ for vendors
  • Lots of vendor hype, have to ask the hard questions
  • Jurisdiction – govt data can’t go overseas
  • standards – avoid vendors, technology lock-in
  • data – reliability, what if vendor goes out of business
  • AGIMO – official govt cloud strategy doc
  • private vs public clouds
  • Govt needs good advice
  • To influence Govt – “be helpful”
  • More consultation events planned in near future
  • AGIMO actually using cloud for some things