lca2011 – Fri Keynote – Mark Pesce

Smoke Signals – Mark Pesce

  • 1 billion seconds since learned to code ( 1979 )
  • Programmed for wide range of platforms
  • Inspired to “Neuromancer” to get into VR, Setup Ono Sendai to create VR game console
  • Companies failed cause they wanted whole market, locked down with patents etc
  • Tried more open method, created 3D browser for VRML over www. 17 years ago
  • “a resource shared is a resource squared”
  • Tried to give away as much as possible, the richer I become, more ways than financially
  • smoking habit picked up from our friends, spreads like a epidemic
  • Similar affect for overweight people
  • Similar for divorce
  • What we choose to imitate is determined by the network of our peers
  • Choose your friends carefully
  • Digital social network can be bigger than 150 limit. Average facebook 30 though
  • Facebook itself is part of your social graph
  • facebook knows stuff about you that you would never tell any one friend
  • We surrendered all our personal details to a closed source system
  • wikileaks kicked off various commercial service, coincidental terms of service violations presumably under govt pressure
  • “The Internet is fundamentally not free”
  • The internetv is now hostile since it is controlled by govts etc
  • Distribute everything – lesson of Napster, no central target, break up components, whole greater than parts, redundant parts, extension of unix progs, pipes, widely distributed
  • Transport Independence – cellphone networks central org able to be controlled by govt, uucp and fidonet decentralized communication networks,. hierarchy efficient but vulnerable. Must look at alternatives, speed and convince might have to be sacrificed
  • Secure everything – Security for simplicity is a false tradeoff. Personal data is valuable
  • Open everything
  • Resilience – above principles led to this. may be less efficient.
  • Resilience , safe, fast – pick 2
  • Plexus – Mange you own social graph
  • Number of people with mobiles = Number of people earning more than $1.50 per day