lca2011 – Fri Close

Apology re keynote material

Lightning talks

  • New policy on open source software in Govt, stronger, participate in community
  • in antartica. Cooler than brisbane, drier than wellington
  • other conferences by lca drupal down under, wordcampe, pycon. You run your own conf, LA may even support. Join planet LA, Join a LUG
  • Next 12 months in IP law: ACTA will happen in next 12 months. TPP might be stopped by NZers. Iinet decission very soon. DRM [cutoff]..
  • . Surface mount soldiering help, kits available
  • macbook people. not too hard these day. Get hold of reefer bookloaded. partition under OSX. Leave a gap between linux and OSX partition. testing many common distributions
  • LDAP. ldapauthmanager software
  • OSIA Open source industry australia. Join for advocacy & networking
  • Debian 6.0 released next week!
  • Donna promoting “Digitise the Dawn”
  • secan does ipv6 now says Rusty
  • Women in Open source, under-represented still. No funding. Suggested ideas if they had money. training courses. – looking for funding for 2 years of full time work on women in open source.
  • SUDE studio – create virtual appliances
  • new conference in australia – oct 2011 – Sydney – php conf australia –


  • lca2012 in Ballarat
  • 2013 bid process in next few weeks