Bcak4 – lightning talks

Lance Wiggs – pacific fibre

  • General background on company
  • 900 Gb/s current capacity in aus/NZ
  • Proposal to double
  • Single cable aus-NZ-USA 5.1 Tb/s
  • Maybe other landing stations

Day without media project

  • Withoutmedia.wordpress.com
  • Asked 200 to do without media for 24 hours
  • Many students couldn’t finish
  • Students used addicts language
  • No loyalty to any news source
  • Lots of txt and facebook messages
  • Strong loyality to iPhones
  • Read out interesting quotes

meta programming

  • Likes eval()

Seth from Interclue – Browser extension devel

  • Hard to know userbase, most don’t know what a browser is
  • Hard to market
  • What browsers makers will allow
  • What browsers to target
  • How to make money

Scott Judson – ipad

  • Agents filling out forms in field
  • Gives list and addresses of jobs
  • Different screens for picking up jobs, on site and stock used, post job
  • Server side – timesheets, stock codes, etc

Augmented reality

  • Cute demos
  • Mirror in toyshop you hold up a toybox and shows what is inside
  • Zugara YouTube demo shows clothes on you
  • Markers ( symbols on sheet that camera spots) or markerless detects face or objects directly
  • Facial recognition displays info on person you hold your iPhone up to
  • Navigation aids display directs and info over the camera feed
  • Tools: artoolkit, flartoolkit, layar