NZNOG 2010 – Day 2 – Session 3

Announcement at start of session that Telecom New Zealand now has an official Interconnect/Paid Peering Policy and Contact. Details to be Published. Ask Greg from Telecom for help.

Internetnz Update – Jordan Carter

  • General updates and new structure, new CEO
  • 4 main areas ( Openness, rights and responsibilities, security)
  • IPv6 Task force , replace steering group
  • Copyright – replacement policy looks better, but sneaky changes might come back
  • ACTA – Key concern , lack of transparency,
  • DIA filtering – voluntary and uses BGP . Give webpage, can report false alarm
  • Filter – only http, erodes end-to-end , privacy concerns , might be later abused (scope creep)
  • Filter – Send signal that “The government has made the Internet safe”
  • Internet opposed – DIA unhappy with that angle
  • Fibre Stuff – “Last day for 1.5 billion lolly scramble”
  • Regional Networks or one big National Network
  • Hard to tell what will happen – Similar exercise in Aus and Govt went back to drawing board
  • What happens to International Bandwidth?
  • Please join, followon twitter

APNIC update and much more – Elly Tawhai

  • Over 2000 members
  • 1400+ monthly helpdesk enquiries ( 55% growth since last year)
  • Allocations around 100 per month
  • Various Policy changes coming up – Prop-050 (xfering address space ) , Prop-073 (sinple IPv6 allocations – 1 click) , Prop-074 (32 bit ASNs treatment same as 16 bit ones pushed back a year) , Prop-075 (recover historical ASNs)
  • Policies under discussion – Prop-78 ( Final /8 , only people deploying ipv6) , Prop-079 (abuse contact info in objects ) , Prop-080 ( Removal of IPv4 prefix exchange policy )
  • Several more allocation policies in pipeline
  • Recent Survey leading to priorities
  • Various my.apnic updates (web services even), support of research
  • More DNS root servers (Taiwan , Mongolia)
  • Please Participate

RIPE News – Tools and news – George Michaelson

  • RIPE used to be a research place and then became a RIR. RIPE labs is a return to the past
  • Platform to test and evaluate new tools, feedback cycle
  • INRDB – big cloud of assignments, table dumps, dumps
  • Resource explainer
  • Various measurements , visualisation and links to tools. DNS reply size tester
  • Why – fast turnaround, engagement, no service g’tees

IPv6 flow chart – Nathan Ward

  • Make decission which IPv6 or IPv4/Ipv4 translation technology you should use
  • Tunnel Broker, 6to4, 6RD, Teredo, Dual stack lite, Double NAT, Dual stack
  • Other stuff that I wasn’t paying attention two
  • IPv6 addressing schemes
  • Sparse allocations
  • gives a sample which I won’t copy, look at his slides
  • Customer assignmesnt. Nathan likes /56s or RFC recomended /48. Take your pick

Andy is Curious – Andy Linton

  • Are Universities turning out the right people?
  • Good at turning out applications programmers not systems programmers