Tech Updates, looking to the future

A few things I’ve been looking at or intending to look at over the next few months.

  • I’ve bought a new computer a couple of weeks ago for home. The computer is intended to replace the house server. The main functions will be as a file server and host for virtual machines. The big changes is that I’ll be switching from Xen to KVM as virtualisation technology.
  • KVM + PXE + Kickstart + Ubuntu  – I really want to build my virtual machines automatically and at the same time to be using a more general machine building method . This page on the Ubuntu site looks like it is a good start and I’ll blog a bit when I get it all done.
  • I need to do some work on Mondo Rescue , I have a bug I reported that is supposed to be fixed and I have to test.
  • GlusterFS is a distributed network file system that looks really cool, I’m intending to play with this a bit.
  • Once again we’ve applied to do a Sysadmin Miniconf at the 2010 conference. Once again we hope to have a really good miniconf. However no less that 32 miniconfs have applied for just 12 slots so not sure if we’ll get in. We were really popular last year but personally I’ve no idea what our chances are this year. Bit down about the thought of not getting but I guess whatever happens will happen.
  • I keep getting good ideas for websites and products. Not programming and having poor time control means most of these ideas are probably not going anywhere. Maybe I’ll try a couple of them though. Also got some further ideas for technologies to play with but want to get the ones above sorted first.