Youtube comment filters waste of time?

Even now and then I get bored and look on youtube at the odd video. One thing I notice is that in the comments for a video you have the option of flagging comments as a “poor comment” or a “good comment”. You also have the option of filtering the comments you see to only show those with scores of greater than -10 , -5 , 0 , +5 or +10 ).

The problem appears to be that nobody ever rates comments as good. So this feature is completely useless. To check I had a look at the top 8 videos on the most viewed videos of all time page and even though most of the had thousands of comments not a single comment was rated better than +5 . In other words a complete rating system for video comments that is completely unused by anyone.  Perhaps they should just remove the buttons.

I also noticed that the most viewed video on youtube ever ( Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend ) is “not available in your country” when I try to view it. I assume this says something about somebody’s business model.