Catchup and EeeXubuntu

Yesterday I installed [EeeXubuntu](
on my [Asus Eee PC]( [Xubuntu]( is
a version of Ubuntu designed for low-specification computers while EeeXubuntu
is a slightly tweaked version of that that installs some drivers and such
for the Eee.

I was pretty impressed with EeeXubuntu ( probably pronounced “Easy-buntu” ), I
followed the instructions and burned the ISO image on a flash drive. Then it was
just a matter of pressing escape on boot up to make it boot from the drive instead
of the normal internal drive. The EeeXubuntu install is also a live boot disk
so I played around with it first to make sure I like it before I installed
it over the top of the Xandros install my Eee came with.

The default desktop now looks like this (click to go to larger image):

and is pretty similar to a normal desktop install. The Xfce desktop doesn’t
seem to be missing many features that I got with my normal Gnome desktop on
Ubuntu so I am pretty happy so far. All the hardware (except the camera which I have not tested) works
okay and both Suspend-to-RAM and Suspend-to-disk work. Boot times are a little
slower but I am happy otherwise.

I partitioned the 4G disk with 500MB of Swap (very low priority) and the
Operating System uses just over half of what is left. Even better I can use
the normal Ubuntu software repositories so new software is easy to install

On the subject of my Eee I haven’t posted before about my “Eee Kit” which I carry

The kit comes in thick plastic bag with a zip (not zip-lock) to seal it and
consists of the Eee power supply, a small mouse ($20) and a tin containing
some headphones and a 4G flash drive. It all seals up nicely and takes about
as much space in my bag as the Eee itself. About the only thing I miss would
be a short piece of cat5 cable.

Other Items.

+ I am currently reading [The discovery of France]( by Graham Robb
which is a fascinating book on how pre-WW1 “France was a land of ancient tribal divisions, prehistoric communication networks,
and pre-Christian beliefs. French itself was a minority language.”
+ A torrent of all 2008 talks and slides is available [here]( (12GB).
+ NZNOG 2008 has posted conference slides for [Wednesday]( and [Thursday/Friday]( along with [videos]( (still being updated).
+ The Sysadmin Miniconf slides are now up for [ 2008]( and [NZNOG 2008](
+ I recently got involved with the [Mailop]( group, which is a list for Email Administrators.
+ I’m currently working out my notice at my current job and going to start a new one in a weeks time. More details later.