Home network getting there.

After a bit of playing around I got Xen going nicely a few weeks ago. One of the
tricks seems to be to make sure you have “gutsy-updates universe” setup. Since
then I’ve been rebuilding my home setup.

I’ve been creating documentation on every step as I go so I keep track of
weird stuff (trying to keep this to a minimum) and so I can repeat it
later. So I have a little document on create a new Xen instance (10 minute job),
another on a dozen things to configure it as a long term server (backups, email, etc)
and a few specific ones like Setting up Spamassassin and a Wiki.

Everything now looks like:

* 2 * Workstations
* Server
* Storage and NFS server
* Backups
* Virtual machines
* Mail / spamd / DNS Server
* http / Wiki / dhcp / DNS Server
* Various temp test servers.
* Switch
* DSL Router
* Eee Laptop

Which is a bit quieter than I had in the past with 3 server machines