Joel Spolsky: What have you done for me lately?

Recently Jurgen Appelo listed the Top 100 Blogs for Development Managers .

Now the list looks okay except for the first entry – Joel on Software. Now I’ve been subscribing to the site for a few years along with at least 100,000 other people ( about 10,000 times more than read this blog) but I really question it being number one anymore.

Sure there are great articles and Joel is a smart guy who creates things like but I doing really think his blog deserves the Number 1 ranking anymore.

The main reason is that Joel doesn’t really write any articles. Looking at his archive page we can see the recent history:

Year   Number of articles

2000 42 2001 23 2002 14 2003 12 2004 9 2005 22 2006 20 2007 12 2008 4 so far

Yes, just 4 articles this year so far and the last one was in May, over 6 months ago.

Now Joel is doing the odd smaller post, he podcasts and writes articles in Inc but the point of reading the blog is the content there, not somewhere else.

So really, you can’t rate a blog that hasn’t had a real post for 6 months as being the top blog in the world for software development managers. Even Paul Graham posts more often. END