Time to get ill

After a few problems with delayed flights I finally got into Melbourne. for linux.conf.au. Meet some people from NZ and we shared a taxi into the venue ( $42 total ).

I arrived around noon on Sunday and the registration for my accommodation ( Trinity ) didn’t open till 1pm so I sat in the shade chatting to people and trying to get my cellphone to work.

My room is on the 3rd floor and a little old but nice enough, the whole college has an old feel with hundred year old main buildings (at least they look) 100 years old.

The conference venue is just 10 minutes walk away from Trinity so I wandered over and signed up. I’m professional this year so a bit more stuff than previously. After that I went with some people to Lygon St for an ice cream.

The newcomers session was pretty good, some others have already blogged about it. Afterward about 50 people went to a local pub (across the road from trinity ). The pub had just opened just last week so it was still not 100% work with staff fairly new and only a few a couple of beers on tap. In the end I was feeling a little sick so I went home a little early. Talked to plenty of people during the day and caught up with a few people from previous years, this would of course be easier if I actually could remember names and faces, roll on the Sense Cam clone